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Over the next three years, our goal is to expand Uncommon’s work into every province in Zimbabwe and to help schools and educators all over the country bring computer coding into their classrooms. Want to help? Explore our job openings below and join the team.

We're Hiring

Thanks to our grant partner, we are now able to hire for the following, strategic leadership positions.

The ideal candidate brings a wealth of experience and is passionate about scaling access to tech education and jobs in Zimbabwe.

Although we teach Digital Marketing as a core skill in our Technology Bootcamps and have placed many previously unemployed young adults into full-time Digital Marketing roles, we have never hired a seasoned Digital Marketing nor filled the essential Marketing & Communications role. The Marketing & Communications Manager will be responsible for marketing the organization, its products, services and programs, as well as working with our Marketing Instructors on curriculum development and weekly training sessions to ensure our educators are constantly learning and growing in their careers.Learn More
Uncommon is seeking a dynamic and motivated Fundraising & Partnerships Manager to spearhead our efforts in securing financial support and cultivating strategic partnerships. The ideal candidate will leverage their expertise to expand our funding base and forge collaborative relationships with donors, sponsors, and community stakeholders.Learn More
Uncommon is hiring a results-driven Business Development Manager to identify growth opportunities and cultivate strategic partnerships. This role entails expanding our market reach, fostering client relationships, and driving revenue growth through innovative business strategies.Learn More
We are hiring a dedicated Teacher Training Program Manager to lead the design, implementation, and evaluation of our pilot Teacher Training program. This role involves working with our Education team to coordinate workshops, develop curriculum materials, and provide ongoing support to educators, ensuring high-quality instruction and student success.Learn More
Uncommon is hiring a detail-oriented Monitoring & Evaluation Manager to oversee our program assessment and impact measurement efforts. This role involves designing evaluation frameworks, analyzing data, and providing actionable insights to enhance program effectiveness and outcomes.Learn More
We're seeking a proactive Teacher Training Program Coordinator to support the Program Manager with the planning and execution of our educator development initiatives. This role involves coordinating training sessions, managing logistical arrangements, and providing administrative support to ensure the seamless delivery of professional development programs for teachers.Learn More
We're looking to hire an energetic Recruitment & Workforce Development Manager to drive talent acquisition and career advancement initiatives. This role involves identifying top talent, fostering professional growth opportunities, building corporate partnerships and aligning market needs with organizational goals to help place 100% of our graduates in full-time technology employment.Learn More
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