Every solar powered space we build is in the low- income communities we serve, and means 20 young adults will join our 12 month bootcamp and 1,000+ school kids will get to learn how to code each year! Want to make a huge impact?

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We Are Uncommon

Our vision is a world where everyone, everywhere has equal access to life-changing technology skills. We do this by investing in the world’s most impoverished communities and training the world’s next great technologists & entrepreneurs. We do this because we believe that more diversity in tech makes the world a better place.

To achieve our mission at scale, we must be sustainable. So everyday, we challenge ourselves to think creatively around how we can continue to expand our impact. We believe we’re on to something big.

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Take a look at the impact we’ve made.

Our Innovation Hubs are where so much of the magic happens. Once we find a community in need, we work with local stakeholders to identify an old building that can be refurbished, or find a location that can house one of our recycled shipping containers. UI/UX Design, Computer Coding, Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship training starts here!


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Our vision is to create a world where everyone has the chance to improve their lives through tech. Here’s how we operate:


Your Donation

Your donation helps us bring technology skills and employment opportunities to thousands across Africa.


12 Month Bootcamp

Our Bootcamp is free for young adults in the low- income communities we serve.


After School Coding

After learning in the mornings, our students teach free, daily after school coding lessons at the public schools.


Life After Uncommon

Many of our graduates go on to internships, part-time and full-time positions. Some have started their own companies!



There are few greater feelings in the world than the one you get when watching the excitement appear across a child’s face as they write their first few lines of code. It’s pure magic, and it simply never gets old.

Young Adults

The young adults in our 12- Month bootcamp are the heart and soul of our organization. Everyday they come to class and soak up as much information as possible. It is a true joy to watch them give back and teach the next generation each afternoon.


To work with our amazing clients is a privilege we don’t take for granted. Not only does each project bring in crucial funds for our non-profit, but the work itself provides invaluable learning experiences for our students & developers.

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What our supporters say

Deondre Coston

Monthly Donor

I'm proud of my monthly donation to Uncommon.org. Their work and vision is inspiring and I love knowing that I'm playing a significant part in their success.

Sylvia Carter

Past Client

I loved working with Uncommon! It was so cool to know that I'd get a great product AND get to make a real difference in the world. This was a very special experience!

Matt Ross

Donor, Mentor

What the Uncommon team has accomplished in such a short amount of time is a testament to their focus and dedication to their mission. I highly recommend getting involved as a donor or mentor!


Make a Donation!

Since we have private donors that take care of our operating costs, you can be sure that every dollar you donate goes directly to helping communities and building hubs throughout Africa.

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Become a CSR Partner

We couldn't do what we do without the support of our Corporate Social Responsibility partners. Your generosity is what will allow us to scale. Sponsoring an Innovation Hub is a great way to get involved, but there are tons of other ways for us to create truly impactful experiences together. Click the link below to see how we can partner!

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Hire Us!

When you hire us for your development needs, 100% of the proceeds from the project are used grow our program and teach thousands of low-income community members the skills they need to enter the digital workforce.

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We believe in a world where everyone, everywhere has equal access to high-quality tech education and employment.

Join us and help make this vision a reality!

How can we make the global economy more inclusive and equitable?

We strive to provide the tools, education and experiences necessary for our students to impact organizations at the highest levels.

Here, @joepucci a Google Search Inside Yourself Fellow is leading an Inner Engineering workshop to help our students discover their passions & strengths.

Our goal is to prepare our students for the workforce.

As young adults advance through our 12 month Technology Bootcamp they begin to earn valuable work experience whether it’s through internships, building out MVPs or collaborating with our developers on client work.

Give us a shout if you need Design, Development or Digital Marketing support!

Looks like someone is excited to learn! ⁠

One of the interesting parts of our model is that all of the young adults enrolled in our 12-month Technology Bootcamp must give back by teaching after-school coding lessons at the public schools in their communities. ⁠

So far, we've helped thousands of youngsters write their first lines of code. In a few years, we hope that number will be in the millions!

Technology has the power to do wondrous things, yet opportunities to leverage tech for a better life are not distributed evenly. How can we close the opportunity gap?⁠

We believe it begins by investing in the very communities that are being left behind. Check out our Innovation Hub highlights to see how we're doing just that.

In the communities we serve, access to electricity, computers and the internet is the exception, not the rule. We’re beginning to change that. If you think a modern, technical education should be a basic human right, join our community as we scale our mission! ...

Two special announcements today...
Happy birthday to our amazing Operations Director @king.clive. Keep inspiring us shamwari 🙌🙌🙌
We’re rebranding to Uncommon.org - check out our new website and let us know what you think! More on the rebrand to come soon 🤙

Our Mufakose office.

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We are so grateful for team members like Carlton, who continue to go above and beyond our expectations.
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