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There's one thing that we have consistently done at Uncommon.org that, so far, has worked out exceptionally well for us:

We've dreamed REALLY big. Then we've shared our dream with the world - even if we weren't yet sure for how to turn that dream into reality.

The Uncommon HQ might be our biggest dream yet. Our goal is to build Zimbabwe's first technology startup focused co-work space, to create a community where Zim's emerging tech freelancers, entrepreneurs, and startup builders can thrive. We see introducing entrepreneurship to our beneficiaries and building an innovation ecosystem as the natural next step in our Theory of Change for Zimbabwe. While training technology employees is great, teaching young people how to become tech employers is impact on a whole different order of magnitude!

We also intend to monetize the space, to help subsidize the cost of our free technology education outreach programs - a key first step in our march towards financial sustainability. We plan to do this by:

As a nonprofit, 100% of the revenue we earn must be reinvested into furthering our philanthropic mission. Not only will the HQ generate enough revenue to support our education programs, it will become the engine that drives Uncommon, and maybe Zimbabwe's tech entrepreneurship scene as well!

Special thank you to Julius Taminiau for the incredible pro-bono designs and his unwavering support of our work at Uncommon.
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