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The Story Behind Nedbank Innovation Hub

Partnering with Nedbank to launch our first Corporate Sponsored Innovation Hub was a major milestone for the team at Uncommon.org.

Our mission all along has been to be a sustainable nonprofit that impacts lives at scale. To do this, we have developed various revenue streams to help generate funds outside of the typical donations and grants, corporate sponsorship being one of them.

When it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility, our goal is for our partners to feel like they are making an investment more than a donation. While it will always be philanthropy, we see the value in meeting businesses where they are, and find win-win situations to be the most sustainable. To ensure a solid ROD (Return on Donation), we put together a curated Marketing & PR strategy to help share the uncommon, Nedbank story

Uncommon Nedbank HubUncommon Nedbank Hub

While the details of the sponsorship are confidential and vary for each of our partners, you can read a bit more about the nature of the agreement and the benefits to Nedbank in this blog post.

Thank you, Nedbank, for joining us in this mission to empower our beneficiaries with technology education and employment opportunities! Together, we can do so much!

Uncommon Nedbank HubUncommon Nedbank HubUncommon Nedbank HubUncommon Nedbank HubUncommon Nedbank Hub

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2024/25 intake now open

We are launching our 2024 Nedbank Bootcamp in May. If you are interested in join, please fill out our application form. Priority will be given to early applicants. Thanks and good luck!

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While our after school programs are entirely free for our partner government schools, we offer paid courses to private & charter schools to help subsidize the costs of our free program. Please get in touch if you’d like to bring coding to your school.

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