Uncommon Ways To Give.


At Uncommon, we know first hand that giving isn’t just about money. Everyone on our team, regardless of position, spends time volunteering both in the classroom & in the community.

Here are a few fun ways to get involved.

Join Our Mentorship Program

Host an Uncommon Dinner.

Become an Uncommon Ambassador.

Uncommon Mentorship

Being matched with my Mentor changed everything. Not just my skills, but my confidence grew with every lesson.

– Walter Gombarume, Designer

Our Mentors commit to a minimum of two, 30 minute sessions per month for six months. We are currently looking for mentors proficient in UI/UX Design, React and NodeJS, SEO, Google Analytics, and Social Media Marketing.

If you are experienced in any of these skills and would like to become a Mentor, please email mentorship@uncommon.org 

Host an Uncommon Dinner

Hosting a dinner on behalf of the students at Uncommon was SO fun! I love how easy it was to raise money for an organization I really believe in.

– Deondre Coston, Uncommon Host

We began hosting our first Uncommon Dinners when we realized that we wouldn’t be able to throw any big fundraising events for the second year in a row. For a small but fast growing nonprofit, not having an annual event is a big deal.

The idea behind the dinners was to come up with a model that was super easy, low-cost, fun and replicable. If you’d like to host a dinner, email hello@uncommon.org for more details. THANK YOU!!

Uncommon Ambassadors

Becoming an Uncommon Ambassador has been a great opportunity to learn and make an impact for an organization I really care about.

– Will Chouraqui, Uncommon Ambassador

Sharing the Uncommon story is imperative to our success, and our Ambassadors have played a major role. This is a wonderful opportunity to support our mission, get some hands-on work experience, and really make a difference in the world.

To learn more about becoming and Uncommon Ambassador, please email hello@uncommon.org 

Your time is the greatest

gift you can give.