Vincent Bohlen, 1992 – 2018, is remembered by friends and family for his love of life, infectious spirit, generosity & compassion. A Southampton local and NYU graduate, Vincent is survived by his mother, Sissi Bohlen.
This summer, is fundraising to build the Vincent Bohlen Innovation Hub in Victoria Falls.
We hope you can join us at our annual summer fundraiser in Amagansett.
Learn more about the Vincent Bohlen Innovation Hub below.

About The Space

Although a major international tourist destination, opportunities for Zimbabweans living in Victoria Falls and the surrounding rural areas are bleak.

There is little access to high quality technology education & employment opportunities and chances for upward mobility are limited.

The Vincent Bohlen Innovation Hub, designed pro-bono by Julius Taminiau Architects, will be a place for young Zimbabweans living in the Falls to learn about the magic and wonders of technology.

In the era of Artificial Intelligence, diversifying access to tech and empowering underrepresented community members to join the technology workforce is critical.

Thank you for supporting this amazing space, dedicated to the life of Vincent Bohlen.