ENGAGE BPO | A business process outsourcing company working with clients all over the world.

Our goal was to design and build a website for the Engage team that would project confidence and sophistication to potential clients, while also portraying the youthful energy that the team has. It was a ton of fun working with the Engage team to deliver a website they’re proud of.

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Freefall Creative Co. | A digital marketing, design & development studio based in Brooklyn, NY.

When the Freefall team approached us, they knew they wanted a modern, minimalist website for their company, but they weren’t entirely sure what that should look like. We spent weeks working up design concepts and iterating until they were happy. A few days later, the site was live and they’ve never looked back!

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Kinfolk VC | Kinfolk Venture Capital is a venture capital firm that aims to ignite social, cultural and economic growth in Africa by empowering early-stage startups with values-driven leadership. The Pan African fund is dedicated to shifting the global interaction with the continent, spurring Transatlantic connectivity and amplifying organizations that are transforming the continent and solving its most pertinent issues.

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