by | Oct 24, 2022

More Uncommon Stories!

Last week, after sharing Hannah’s uncommon story on LinkedIn, such a wonderful thing happened.

Another one of our 2022 graduates, Anesu, sent me a message to share her uncommon story. Hearing from our students / graduates and getting to share their stories is absolutely one of the best parts about this job! Here’s what Anesu wrote to me, which she agreed to let me share with you all!

Anesu's Uncommon Story

“I remember last year exactly around this time when my life routine was waking up, preparing my mom’s food pack for work, doing some chores and then sleeping the whole day.

I literally had NOTHING TO DO.

I have a problem with walking around so I spent my days either sleeping or playing with my 3 year old daughter.

I had tried running a business but I was short on capital so I decided to sell airtime which kept me going until one day I thought, “I am more than this.”

I just had to change my life but how I was going to, I didn’t know🤦!!!

I have an Uncle of mine who was Rukudzo Primary’s Chairman, so he told me that there’s an organization named Uncommon teaching people “computers” and he wanted me to apply. Honestly, I was mad at him at first and asked myself “why would I do computers when I’ve already done them in High school?”

I applied anyways since I had NOTHING TO DO, but I still felt like I was wasting my life’s time. I was turning 22 and my baby girl was turning 3, which meant I needed to fill my pockets somehow because in one year my baby was supposed to start going to school and I didn’t have any way of making money to support her.

A little light shone when I went for the interview at the Kambuzuma Innovation Hub. I was told all about Uncommon by Vanessa Kambasha… Uncommon didn’t “teach computers” but rather, they taught how to use computers to design, build & market things – and eventually, how to monetize those skills.

I couldn’t believe it. Imagine going back to school when you least expected it. Yes, I had to fill my pockets but here I got an opportunity free of charge and I didn’t even need transport fare as I live in Kambuzuma just 3 minutes from the Innovation Hub.

Yes, wow. I know because I said that too.

I had an opportunity to learn Website Design, Website Development and Digital Marketing in that one year. I am grateful to my Uncle who introduced me 😅 , it was hard explaining to him what Uncommon taught because technology is still not familiar to some people and parts of Zimbabwe so at the end of the day I just said we will be learning about computers hahaha.”

Anesu is currently working as a Digital Marketing in Harare and we couldn’t be more proud!