by | Jul 15, 2021

Monthly Donor Community Funds Education in Kambuzuma

This is one of the more exciting announcements we’ll ever make.

All of the costs associated with running our Kambuzuma Innovation Hub are being covered by Monthly Donors.

107 people from all over the world, giving an average of $23 per month, have joined together to provide technology education and employment opportunities for hundreds – and soon thousands! – of young Zimbabweans. 

We launched our first Monthly Donor campaign in response to COVID-19 which thrusted us (and so many other organizations) into a very perilous financial position. As a startup nonprofit, how would we survive without being able to throw an annual, in-person fundraising event?

Truthfully, we really weren’t sure…

With our backs against the wall we decided to lean into our Uncommon community and ask for support. Would anyone be willing to give a few dollars a month to ensure our students could continue learning?

The response was unexpected and overwhelming. Within a few months, we’d gone from zero to 100 Monthly Donors. At the time, this allowed us to continue operating in Zimbabwe while simultaneously working on developing more long-term oriented revenue streams.

The result was that not only did we survive the early days of the pandemic, we doubled in size!

The next question was, how could we properly thank the donors whose support came at such a critical time for our organization? After some thinking internally and chatting with donors, we came up with an idea. What if we dedicated 100% of a Monthly Donor’s contribution, not to Uncommon as an organization, but to the amazing youths and young adults we’re here to educate.

No funds to help cover overhead, admin or fundraising expenses. Nothing to construction. Everything to education.

This decision marked a major turning point for our organization. From this point forward, 100% of all Monthly Donations will be used exclusively to fund education.

When you sign up to become a Monthly Donor, you’ll be matched with the community we’re currently fundraising for. Throughout the year, you’ll  be introduced to the students you’re supporting and will receive quarterly updates on their education & job search progress. If a corporate sponsor signs up to cover the OPEX of that Hub, we’ll use your donation to support students from another community.

Our promise to you is that 100% of your monthly donation will support education, forever.

If you’re reading this and would like to get involved, please consider becoming a Monthly Donor or sharing this story. Together, we can do so much.