Our Innovation Hubs

It is extremely important to us that our Innovation Hubs are located in the communities we serve. We take great pride in designing and building beautiful, state of the art learning environments that are run by and for the community members.

Rather than taking young adults out of their neighborhoods, we believe in investing in localities with the goal of making long term, sustainable impact. Each of our hubs is unique, and we rely completely on solar power to operate our spaces.

Want to Build an Innovation Hub?


In July of 2019, we launched our first Innovation Hub in Dzivarasekwa, Zimbabwe. To say luck was involved in making this dream come to reality would be a massive understatement.

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Dzikwa Trust Innovation Hub
Image of Kuwadzana Innovation Hub


Nicki, a friend of our founders, who passed away long before we were all ready, loved traveling, coding and giving back to the world. He was a young man who everyone loved to know.

When we met with Nicki’s family to discuss the idea of eternalizing his memory by building an Innovation Hub in his honor, they immediately jumped on board.

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Mufakose Innovation Hub

The Mufakose Innovation Hub was our first brick & mortar build, and the scope of the project was much larger than our previous builds. Despite that, we managed to renovate / create the entire space in just a few weeks!

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Image of the Mufakose Innovation Hub