Check Out the Latest Website Built By Uncommon

Check Out the Latest Website Built By Uncommon

When clients choose to hire, not only are they getting a great product at a great price, 100% of the funds we earn are used to further our education mission.

We were recently approached by Taylor’s Africa, a Zimbabwean based safari company that had previously hired us for web development work. Their business had grown substantially over the past few years, and they felt that it was time for a design refresh.

Beyond Bechani (Designer) and Milliscent Rufasha (Developer) took the lead on this project and were really able to capture the clean, simple design that the client was looking for.

Not only is the client very pleased with the project, they’ve told us to be on the lookout for a contact of theirs from the UK that wants to hire our team for their next project.

We believe there’s a huge opportunity for and our “impact as a differentiator” business model. We’re really excited to continue improving this business and someday turning it into a major revenue stream for our nonprofit.

If you’d like to see a few more of our recent projects, please check out our Portfolio page.

A Little Bit of Joy For Your Day

A Little Bit of Joy For Your Day

Get ready to feel inspired by Perpetualjoy’s uncommon story.

After graduating from University, Joy found herself like so many of her Zimbabwean peers, unemployed.

In a country that once again claims the world’s highest inflation rate, and where unofficial unemployment rates in our communities are ~80%, investments in university degrees don’t translate to the higher qualities of life that they once had.

While Joy was participating in our program, she married and gave birth to her first child. Taking maternity leave left her behind her peers and we decided that when she returned, we’d train her in a new track – Project Management.

We matched Joy with Mentors from New York City and Australia and she joined our business team, learning how to manage website development projects for our international clients.

Recently, Joy accepted a job offer earning nearly 5x the average Zimbabwean income. We couldn’t be more proud of Joy and the role we’ve been able to play in her uncommon journey.

Laptop Donation Campaign

Laptop Donation Campaign

We’ve just launched a campaign to purchase and send 120 laptops to Zimbabwe for our next Bootcamp students.

We’ve designed our education program to have as few barriers to entry as possible, and providing personal computers for our participants is one of the ways we ensure that our free program is accessible to all. 

Over the next few months, our goal is to secure funding to purchase and send 120 refurbished MacBooks to Zimbabwe for our next Bootcamp students.

If you’d like to make a donation to purchase a laptop or help cover the shipping fees, please consider doing so here.

We’ll Be Building Our 7th Innovation Hub!

We’ll Be Building Our 7th Innovation Hub!

We are so excited to announce that we have secured funding to build our next Innovation Hub following our most recent fundraiser!

Thank you to everyone that was able to come to and/or support our July 30th Summer Fundraiser. Not only was it such a wonderful evening, together we raised nearly $45,000!!

We’ll be putting these funds towards the construction and operation of our next Innovation Hub which will bring free technology education to hundreds of youths & young adults living in low-income communities.

We can’t wait to bring this awesome project to life!

We’ll be partnering with the Mbare Art Space to co-create this multi-container Innovation Hub in one of Harare’s most iconic neighborhoods, Mbare. This new space, a small part of the larger MAS project, will sit at the intersection of art and technology. We can’t wait for our students to learn from the resident artists, and to be able to impart our technical knowledge onto the eager artists.

Mbare, see you soon! Partners with Digital Marketing Institute and NKDigital Partners with Digital Marketing Institute and NKDigital

We are very excited to announce our recent collaboration with Digital Marketing Institute and Nikolina Kobali, founder of NKDigital – a 2020 Gold Partner of DMI.

All five of our Digital Marketing Managers, and one of our Digital Marketing students, have been gifted DMI’s Pro Diploma program, which retails for around $2,000.

Additionally, Nikolina Kobali, a Digital Marketing professional with years of experience and affiliate of DMI, will be Mentoring the Uncommon team throughout the course. The goal is to eventually embed the DMI experience into our own offering, which is targeted at unemployed young adults in Zimbabwe with little to no technology experience.

Working with partners of the caliber of NKDigital and DMI is a fantastic opportunity for the individuals in our organization and the team at large. We’re excited to elevate our capacity as Digital Marketers and educators and to help hundreds of ambitious young adults start their careers in tech!

Thank you Digital Marketing Institute and NKDigital!

$25,000 Matching Donation Campaign!!

$25,000 Matching Donation Campaign!!

Thanks to a private donor, all Monthly Donor signups – regardless of size – will be matched with an additional $250 throughout the month of November. This is an incredible opportunity for Uncommon and our students, and we hope you’ll join in on the fun by becoming a Monthly Donor.

When an unemployed young adult joins our program, their earning power increases dramatically. We use 100% of our Monthly Donor contributions to fund education, so when you join the Monthly Donor community your support is being invested entirely into someone else’s future.

$25,000 is roughly the amount it costs us to run one of our Innovation Hubs. Each Hub equates to about 20 young adults training for the technology workforce and 1,000 children in our after school coding program.

Our goal this November is to signup 100 Monthly Donors and unlock the full $25,000. With our current Monthly Donor contribution averaging just under $25, reaching the 100 signup goal could mean funding the operating expenses of TWO Innovation Hubs.

With that said, no gift is too small, and Monthly Donor contributions of any size are eligible to be matched. Thank you for joining our Uncommon Community and investing in someone else’s future.