by | Aug 31, 2022

A Little Bit of Joy For Your Day

Get ready to feel inspired by Perpetualjoy’s uncommon story.

After graduating from University, Joy found herself like so many of her Zimbabwean peers, unemployed.

In a country that once again claims the world’s highest inflation rate, and where unofficial unemployment rates in our communities are ~80%, investments in university degrees don’t translate to the higher qualities of life that they once had.

While Joy was participating in our program, she married and gave birth to her first child. Taking maternity leave left her behind her peers and we decided that when she returned, we’d train her in a new track – Project Management.

We matched Joy with Mentors from New York City and Australia and she joined our business team, learning how to manage website development projects for our international clients.

Recently, Joy accepted a job offer earning nearly 5x the average Zimbabwean income. We couldn’t be more proud of Joy and the role we’ve been able to play in her uncommon journey.