by | Oct 31, 2021

$25,000 Matching Donation Campaign!!

Thanks to a private donor, all Monthly Donor signups – regardless of size – will be matched with an additional $250 throughout the month of November. This is an incredible opportunity for Uncommon and our students, and we hope you’ll join in on the fun by becoming a Monthly Donor.

When an unemployed young adult joins our program, their earning power increases dramatically. We use 100% of our Monthly Donor contributions to fund education, so when you join the Monthly Donor community your support is being invested entirely into someone else’s future.

$25,000 is roughly the amount it costs us to run one of our Innovation Hubs. Each Hub equates to about 20 young adults training for the technology workforce and 1,000 children in our after school coding program.

Our goal this November is to signup 100 Monthly Donors and unlock the full $25,000. With our current Monthly Donor contribution averaging just under $25, reaching the 100 signup goal could mean funding the operating expenses of TWO Innovation Hubs.

With that said, no gift is too small, and Monthly Donor contributions of any size are eligible to be matched. Thank you for joining our Uncommon Community and investing in someone else’s future.